Service For Your Business

Let us conduct a cost free analysis at your  place of business or on your job site.

Maggio Environmental is proud to provide hauling service to Long Island Builders and Commercial Businesses. We service any project regardless of size or scope. Our professional customer service staff is standing by to provide you with detailed information and guidance on the most efficient way to service your waste removal needs.

Our customers choose Maggio for our efficient and professional service and timely pickup and delivery. You can be assured that our state-of-the-art trucks and professional licensed drivers will provide timely and efficient service.

Commercial Container

Commercial waste collection services are provided on a scheduled basis from one to five days per week. We will provide each commercial customer with a waste dumpster. The dumpsters range in size from 1 to 8 cubic yards.


We offer every style of compactor available. Stationary, self-contained, front load, pre-crushers, heavy duty industrial compactors, balers and shredders.

Roll Off Containers/ Dumpsters

  • Focused on the highest standards of On-time-Delivery and Pickup
  • Radio dispatched truck – Drivers available to drop off and pick up on demand
  • Drivers place containers on site based on your instruction
  • Containers designed to keep your construction site safe and orderly
  • Freshly painted, clean containers with doors in excellent working condition

With a focus on Recycling for Zero Waste, our goal is to transition the highly recyclable materials we collect on your job site into usable products. This recycling returns useful materials into the economy and saves valuable landfill space.

Our customers include a variety of businesses, including major shopping malls and strip shopping centers; apartment complexes and condominiums; mobile home communities; warehouses; churches and schools; hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation facilities; manufacturing facilities; hotels and motels; golf courses and resorts; convention centers; and automobile dealerships.

Most importantly, our customers choose Maggio and Paumanok because they are guaranteed the loads that are taken from their job sites are recycled in our state of the art facilities.


Approx. Dimensions(overall) Available from 10 through 40 cubic yard capacity

10 cubic Yards 8′ 12′ 3 1/2′ 4,100 lbs
20 cubic Yards 8′ 21′ – 2 1/2″ 4 1/2′ 4,400 lbs
30 cubic Yards 8′ 21′ – 2 1/2″ 6 1/2′ 5,200 lbs
40 cubic Yards 8′ 21′ – 2 1/2″ 8 1/2′ 6,000 lbs


  • 4″4″x3/16″ reinforced frame around top
  • 3″x4.1 lb channel cross members approximate 16″ on center
  • 1 – 1/4″ solid pickup look
  • 6″x2″x1/4″ rectangular bottoms rails
  • Insertion of 1 – 1/2″x15″ long solid end portion of 6″ into rails
  • Continuous mig weld
  • Grease fittings throughout moving parts of container
  • Optional in square design
  • Color of choice
10 Yard10 Cubic Yard
Approx. Weight 4,100 lbs.
20 Yard20 Cubic Yard
Approx. Weight 4,400 lbs.
30 Yard30 Cubic Yard
Approx. Weight 5,200 lbs.
40 Yard40 Cubic Yard
Approx. Weight 6,000 lbs.