Dumpster Rental South Manor, NY

Trash/rubbish removal, garbage pickup, recycling pickup and Dumpster Rental South Manor, New York

10 Yard

  • Brick
  • Tile
  • Asphalt
  • Sand
  • Concrete
  • Dirt
  • Small remodel projects


20 Yard

  • Roofing projects
  • Small home remodels
  • Home spring / summer cleaning


30 Yard

  • Tree trimming
  • Light demolition
  • Mid-sized home remodels
  • Cleanups


The Process is Simple


We will ask you a few simple questions in order to give you an accurate price. Questions like:

What size dumpster do you need?
Where is the drop-off location?
What do you plan on having hauled away?
We usually pick-up the dumpster in 14 days. Do you need it longer?

Be weary of any company that does not ask these simple questions prior to providing a price. More times than not they are advertising misleading prices and the final bill will be much higher than the initial quote.


Next, you will instantly receive a price based on the information you provided. If you are ready to move forward, we can take your order over the phone or the live chat operator can email you an invoice during the chat. Upon completion of payment a confirmation email will be sent to the email address provided.


If there are any special instructions for the driver, we will make a note of it

Need New Service?

From curbside waste removal, recycling, clean-ups and much more, Maggio Environmental offers the most environmentally safe cost-effective solutions in the industry. Call now to speak with one of our friendly customer service representatives or fill out the form below to request more info.

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    Why Choose Maggio Environmental?

    • We have been serving the East End of Long Island for over 40 years.
    • Maggio Environmental is not a referral business.
    • We don’t subcontract work to third party drivers. All of our drivers we consider family and have been with the company long enough to be proven trustworthy and responsible before showing up to your door.
    • We don’t sub out jobs to third party trucking companies. Every truck that pulls up to your door will be from our personal fleet of pristine trucks.
    • We don’t use misleading pricing tactics. We collect the necessary information prior to giving you an accurate quote, not one that will change once the dumpster has been hauled away.

    Roll Off Dumpsters South Manor, NY

    If you are tired of seeing unwanted waste or materials in your basement or surroundings, then roll off dumpsters South Manor are there to the rescue. If you live in South Manor, Maggio Environmental Services is always at your service. The company makes sure that you get rid of waste in the most efficient and hassle-free manner. Even the process of booking is pretty much hassle free. You can make the bookings over the phone. Otherwise, simply visit their website and convey your requirements to the company's representatives.

    How do Roll Off Dumpsters Help You with Waste Management?

    Waste management is a tiresome process. It can be quite troublesome if there are no professionals around you. Professionals have the exact solution of disposing off all kinds of waste. They are aware of all the equipment and processes required for effective waste management. Using a roll off dumpster is one of the most helpful ways of removing trash. It helps you in various ways which are discussed below.

    De-clutter Your Workspace

    A cluttered workspace is quite a nuisance. One thing or the other keeps coming in your way which obviously effects your productivity. Roll off dumpsters South Manor remove everything within no time and give your workspace a whole new look.

    Alternative to Garbage Collectors

    Things become problematic when your local garbage collector refuses to collect your garbage for reasons unknown to you. In such cases, roll off dumpsters South Manor can save you from the piles of trash. Without any doubt, they are the safest alternative to conventional garbage collectors.

    De-cluttering Becomes Easier

    As the waste is removed by the professionals, de-cluttering becomes quite easy. Roll off dumpsters South Manor save you from all the effort. So when there's a lot to de-clutter, go for a roll off dumpster. It can save your day.

    Removes the Trash Quickly

    There’s no faster way of removing waste than renting roll off dumpsters South Manor. Whether you have a pile of waste or multiple piles of waste, roll off dumpsters are the best ever solution to get rid of it.

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